We reached across Turkey to share all that we have with those in need; we shared, repaired, painted, cleaned, hugged… We touched many people’s hearts…

And now, wishing to broaden our borders a little more and reaching out to women who we see as the biggest force of our future; we started the brand new corporate social responsibility project with the motto “Nothing is impossible in the presence of women” in scope of our 100% Volunteering program.

During this project that we shall continue throughout 2019; we wanted to circulate across the country the documentary called “You can do it!” prepared by the respected journalist Tuluhan Tekelioğlu that tells the inspiring stories of 9 different and special women in different geographies of the country and ensure that more women are inspired.

The project was launched in Kars with the participation of our CEO Damla Birol, in December 2018. The project continued with the women from İzmir on 9 March, from Adıyaman on 3 March, from Mersin on 13 June.

To summarize the content of our project:

This project aims to increase the number of women following their dreams and to encourage them by saying “Nothing Is Impossible In The Presence Of Women” about being entrepreneur, artist, sportsperson, executive, business owner or scientist. In this project, Tuluhan Tekelioğlu’s documentary “Yapabilirsin (You can do it)” is displayed and famous journalist has a conversation with the participants.

As in Kars, İzmir and Adıyaman, in our last station Mersin, all participants shouted out “Nothing Is Impossible In The Presence Of Women, We Can Do It, You Can Do It!”

Our project will continue this year, in different cities of Turkey, especially the cities of nine brilliant women who take part in this document. We will keep sharing details of the project in which we come together with amazing women.

In 100% Volunteer Program, not only our employees, but also their families, our dealers and suppliers can take part in the projects with the aim of increasing responsibility awareness. 


Other Cooperations

• Independent Woman Directors
• Support to Turkish Woman Mathematicians Association
• Butterfly Effect In Working Life- informing woman engineer candidates about working life
• Support to Mor Çatı Foundation
• Support to women of Soma
• Support to women entrepreneurs

As %100 Volunteer Team, our Türk Tuborg %100 Volunteer Program was rewarded with «Volunteer Program  Incentive Award» at 11. Heartfelt Awards Ceremony organized by Private Sector Volunteers on 17 May 2018.