Career at
Türk Tuborg

We include all our employees in our Performance Management System to encourage performance-based thinking, to evaluate their contribution to the company in a fair and objective manner, to support their professional development and to reward the high performers.

Our Performance Management System is based on KPIs and competencies.

We aim to form a salary structure providing  internal equality across the organization and be competitive in the workforce market by taking our Equal Opportunity Principle in consideration, reward high performance and sustain it via our Reward Policy.

We use an international position evaluation system, independent from the employee and based on the job description, as the basis of our Reward Policy.

We take into consideration individual performance, total remuneration survey results and economic indicators during salary adjustment process.

As part of our total income package; all of our employees benefit from group health and life insurance and social contribution allowance. And also some of our employees, considering their levels, benefit from company car, private health insurance for family members and mobile phones.

With our ‘100% Rewards’ recognition program, we aim to highlight our employees’ attitudes and efforts that contribute to our organization, support their success, ensure sustainability of the success and increase motivation.

We recognize our colleagues, who stand one step ahead of other colleagues in our strategy meeting held every year.

In addition to our non-monetary awards, we also recognize the projects that have a  financial contribution to our company via monetary awards.