Information Security Policy

Our objectives as Türk Tuborg are as follows;

·     Managing our information assets, determining Security values, needs and risks of assets, improving and applying controls of information Security risks,

·     Defining the framework in terms of confidentiality, availability and integrity affects of threats on our assets and continuously tracking current risks according to continuous improvement cycle required by that framework,

·     Meeting information Security needs emerging from national or sectoral regulations, requirements of relevant legal legislations, liabilities coming from agreements and corporate responsibilities of internal and external stakeholders,

·     Lowering the affects of information security threats on our business / service continuity,

·     Facilitating the competence to quickly and efficiently intervene possible information security incidents and minimizing affects of those incidents,

·     Improving the reputation of our Corporation; protecting our company from negative affects of information security breaches,

·     Improving information security awareness of employees.