In Tuborg Akademi, we aim to be a learning organization by improving professional competencies, abilities and processes of our employees in order for our company to achieve its long-term targets.

We provide not only class trainings that support our employee development but also online trainings that they can easily access everywhere via the link www.tuborgakademi.com. We also increase the number of our internal trainers every year with the purpose of being a learning organization.

We welcome our new employees with the «New Comer Training Program» consisting of class and online trainings which are specially designed for them.

We aim to support our new employees in adapting to our company, culture, values and quality strategies and for them to learn their work processes.

As Tuborg Akademi, we are aware of the fact that every position has different development needs; therefore we define position-oriented maps of technical knowledge needs and training programs. Based on these training programs we provide internal/external and online/class trainings in order to improve the competencies of our employees.

We are always in a learning and development process thanks to our open-platform trainings aim of which is to support self and team development.

On the way of being a learning organization, we offer our employees an opportunity to share their knowledge and experiences with our “Internal Trainer Program”. Members of %100 Team who wishes to gain this title and responsibility apply to our announcement. According to the assessment center results, the candidates becomes internal trainer or starts their development program. We also support the development of the new or present internal trainers on a regular basis.

This program has also been rewarded with “Successful Corporate Training and Development Practice Reward” by Bahçeşehir University at Educorp Awards 2018.

We provide all our employees with our newsletter designed with different themes in every issue and enriched by our employees, as an online source. Thus, we are able to support our development with various resources as we know that one of the biggest supporters of quality is continuous learning and development.